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DOCUMENTS IN THE PUBLIC CONSULTATION (Deadline passed: approval granted by GBC):


Wayfinding & Signage: Latest proposals

  • “Indicative” proposal for Wayfinding & non-parking signage submitted with the Parking application:          click here to download Berkeley Homes "indicative" proposal on Wayfinding (pdf retrieved from GBC Planning portal)

What changed from the last proposal?

  • Increased number of directional signs proposed to be provided at Berkeley Homes cost (previous proposal was very limited and was only offering a “nominal” amount from Berkeley Homes - the rest to be funded by RCY leaseholders and other stakeholders)

Remaining concerns:

  • No coherence in the design/approach to the logic or design of the latest proposals

  • Will the number and locations of proposed sign meet wayfinding needs?

  • What guarantee is there that Berkeley Homes will actually implement  any “indicative” proposals?

Action taken:

  • Residents Association has submitted an alternative proposal to GBC and Berkeley Homes and proposed meeting to discuss. Click here for pdf of Residents Association discussion document and counter-proposal.


Click on links below for more information on:

Parking Zones map (pdf download)

Parking Permits and Costs

Visitor Parking

Disabled Parking

Electric Car Charging and Parking

Motorcycle Parking

Trailers and Caravans Parking


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