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Parking at RCY: Information

Download UKCPM 6 Dec 2021 documents as PDFs from the buttons below.

Contact Information

UK Car Park Management Ltd (UKCPM)ment Ltd

PO Box 3114


West Sussex

BN15 5BR

Permit enquiries:

e-mail: permits@uk-cpm.com.  

Email is monitored 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday.

If email is not an option please call: 0345 463 5050.

NB: Phone lines are monitored 9am - 3pm Monday - Friday (excluding bank holidays).

General enquiries:

e-mail: info@uk-cpm.com

About the Car Park Management Company

The Car Park Management Company is responsible for:

  • The issue and control of parking permits

  • Regular patrols

  • Enforcement of the landlord's parking regulations

  • Issue 'Parking Charge Notices' 

  • Collection of Parking Charges

New parking regulations within Royal Clarence Yard & Marina will be going live on
14 January 2022
All Horizon & temporary UKCPM permits/exemptions issued prior to 6 Dec 2021 are now void.


From Friday, 14 January 2022, all resident vehicles parking in RCY Zones 1-5 must:


  • display a valid UKCPM paper permit dated December 2021 onwards for the relevant parking zone.


  • be registered with UKCPM for an e-permit for Zone 5/Cooperage Green.

Old permits and previous temporary exemptions:

  • All previously issued paper parking permits (Horizon and UKCPM) dated prior to December 2021 are invalid/void in all RCYM parking zones from 14 January 2022. 

  • All temporary exemptions issued prior to 14 January 2022 will also be void/invalid from this date.

Any vehicle not displaying a paper UKCPM permit dated December 2021 onwards, or registered with UKCPM for a valid e-permit for parking in Zone 5 by 14 January 2022 is liable to receive a Penalty Charge notice (PCN). Other parking terms and conditions apply (see signs in the car parks).

Parking in Zones 1-3 and haven't received a new UKCPM paper permit?

The new paper permits were sent to the correspondence address RMG holds for the leaseholder of each property.  If the leaseholder address is the property in RCY, these permits were hand-delivered to the apartment by RMG before Christmas 2021.  If RMG holds an alternative address on file for the leaseholder as the main correspondence address, the permit was sent to that address by UKCPM before Christmas 2021.

  • Landlords: Please make sure that the parking permit and info pack are forwarded without delay to your tenant and/or letting agent.

  • Tenants: If you haven't received the permit & info pack from your landlord/letting agent , we suggest you contact them asap.


The Bridge House residents: The Guinness Trust has arranged with RMG for your Zone 2/North Meadow permit & info packs to be delivered to your apartment in The Bridge House.


Wyatt Court and Cooperage Green (Apts 30-77): Hyde Housing tenants: Arrangements for parking in Zone 4 and/or Cooperage Green/Zone 5 or will be made by Hyde Housing Association in conjunction with UKCPM. Please contact HHA for more information.


More Information

The info pack which comes with the paper permits for Zones 1-3 contains a lot of information:

  • How to apply for any additional/non-lease e-permits for Cooperage Green/Zone 5 (if applicable). If you are intending to apply for these e-permits, please action as soon as your permit pack arrives.

  • Visitor Parking areas and pack of 10 x day scratch cards

  • Disabled/Blue badge parking

  • Zone map

  • Parking Terms & Conditions

  • FAQs (inc oversized vehicles, motorbikes, deliveries etc)

Copies of all the documentation issued by UKCPM on 6 December can be downloaded from the side panel on this page.

Any permit queries should be directed in the first instance to UKCPM (e-mail permits@uk-cpm.com).

Do I have to pay for a resident parking permit?

Some residents may recall that we used to have to pay £60 per year for permits to park in Zones 1-3 under the previous ("interim") parking scheme.  When Berkeley Homes switched the management of the RCY car parks from Horizon to UKCPM, the annual permit charge (which is allowed for in our leases) was dropped for the time being. 


That means that the initial permit issued by UKCPM to the RCY property on 6 December 2022 was issued at no charge to the leaseholder.  Replacement permits and changes of vehicle details for e-permits for Cooperage Green/Zone 5 do attract an admin charge (see documentation from UKCPM in the side panel).

The new UKCPM permits do not have an defined expiry date and are valid until further notice from Berkeley Homes or the Property Manager.

So the message from the Residents Association is to take care of your paper permit and (if you leave your property) please leave the permit in the apartment for the next owner/resident.


New Parking Zones (click on image to download PDF)

Approved RCY parking Zone Plan jan 2020.