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RCY Visitor Parking Zones

Visitors are welcome to park for 4hrs free of charge in any unmarked bay in the main Cooperage Green Car Park. There is a short walk from there down to the Waterfront. 


There is also a small Visitor Parking area in North Meadow (where the Visitor Parking Bays are marked with a "V".  This area serves visitors to residential blocks at the North of the site and the commercial units around North Meadow.

Residential Visitors may park for longer periods in both Cooperage Green and the North Meadow Visitor parking bays if they are displaying a  valid UKCPM Visitor Day permit provided by the resident. 

Visitors to berth-holders in the Marina should contact the Marina for parking information.

All zones are controlled by a parking management company (See signs in the car parks for terms and conditions).

Main Visitor Car Park: Cooperage Green/Zone 5 (220 spaces)
North Meadow Visitor Parking Area (22 spaces - marked with a "V")
Approved RCY parking Zone Plan jan 2020.jpg
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