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DOCUMENTS IN THE PUBLIC CONSULTATION (Deadline passed: approval granted by GBC):


Where will my visitors park?:

  • Cooperage Green (214 spaces for Visitors, Marina and residents additional cars)

  • North Meadow (23 dedicated Visitor spaces - reduction from 30 currently)

  • No visitor parking in other zones



  • 4hrs free Visitor Parking in both zones (no return between 8pm-8am)

  • Long-stay visitors: (max 72 hrs concurrently)

  • Residents’ Day scratch cards valid to midday the following day (as currently). 

  • One free book of Resident Day scratch card to be supplied free of charge with a paid residential permit.

  • Additional books of Resident Day Scratch cards can be purchased by residents

  • Mobile option (NEW)  - details to be provided.  Charges to be inline or exceed GBC local parking charges


What changed from the last proposal?

  • Proposal for cheaper than GBC long-stay parking rates  dropped

  • No Pay& Display machines

  • Layout of  north Meadow and Cooperage Green car parks changed


Click on links below for more information on:

Parking Zones map (pdf download)

Parking Permits and Costs

Disabled Parking

Electric Car Charging and Parking

Motorcycle Parking

Trailers and Caravans Parking

Wayfinding and Signage


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