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DOCUMENTS IN THE PUBLIC CONSULTATION (Deadline passed: approval granted by GBC):


Motorcycle parking spaces:

  • 22 motorcycle parking spaces /areas accommodating up to 39 m/cs across the site distributed across all parking zones

  • All m/c parking spaces/areas will have  a secure fixing

  • M/C owners must provide m/c details and VRN to Horizon and to the Managing agent

  • M/c owners using a dedicated m/c parking space area  will get a 50% discount on annual parking permit price

  • M/c owners using a car parking space must pay full parking permit price (no ground fixings)

  • When applying for a parking permit, a m/c counts as one vehicle 


What changed from the last proposal?

  • m/c  parking spaces/areas grouped together and secure fixing provided

  • No m/c parking on pavements

  • Requirement to register m/c VRN with Managing agent as well as with Horzon Parking

  • 50% permit cost reduction if using dedicated m/c parking space/area


Remaining concerns:

  • Will the number and locations of m/c parking spaces/areas meet current needs?

  • Are the provisions for registering m/c VRNs with Horizon and managing agent actually workable?

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Disabled Parking

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Wayfinding and Signage


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