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DOCUMENTS IN THE PUBLIC CONSULTATION (Deadline passed: approval granted by GBC):


Electric car charging points:

  • 4 electric car charging points across the site in Zones 1, 2, 3 &5

  • Horizon will actively manage use of the electric car charging points and issue PCNs to non-electric cars using these bays.


What changed from the last proposal?

  • Introduction of 3 more electric car charging points across the site


Remaining concerns:

  • Will the number and locations of EV charging points meet current  & future needs?

  • Can Horizon manage/prevent vehicles being left in these bays blocking access for other users?

  • No information as yet on details of proposed system and costs.

Click on links below for more information on:

Parking Zones map (pdf download)

Parking Permits and Costs

Visitor Parking

Disabled Parking

Motorcycle Parking

Trailers and Caravans Parking

Wayfinding and Signage


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