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RCY Parking Plans to be decided by GBC

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

6pm Wed 15th January 2020

Gosport Town Hall, High Street (side entrance opp Library)

Public welcome

Anyone who commented on the various parking plans for RCY submitted to GBC for approval should have a received a notification from GBC that these are on the Agenda for decision by the local Regulatory Board (which makes planning decisions) on Wednesday 15th Jan 6pm at the Town Hall in the High Street (entrance opposite the Library).

Both the main "Parking Management Plan" for RCY and the smaller (but just as important) proposed variation of conditions for parking related to the new block currently under construction are recommended for approval by the Council (with a few conditions).

Since most of the very reasonable comments and suggestions submitted in the latest round of consultations have been largely ignored by Berkeley Homes, we will be making a further representation at the Regulatory Board. There is no guarantee that this will work, but we are going to give it a go.

If you want to drive into the detail, the Planning Department's reports which explain what they have (and have not) taken into account, together with the reasons and recommendations are available on the Planning Portal:

Copies of the Residents Association letter of objections (and practical suggestions) can also be found in the Document list for each application. Or can be downloaded from the list below.

Public attendance

This is a public meeting, so you are welcome to attend (whether you made a comment or not) and the more people who turn up the better as it helps show how much people care about the issue.

Residents Association letters of objection:

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