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RCY Parking: New Parking permits - slight delay

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

New UKCPM Parking Permits

RCY Property Manager, Toby Felton (RMG) has advised that there has been a further short delay to the finalisation of the new Car Park layouts and signage east of Weevil Lane, due to circumstances beyond their control.

This latest delay means that the issuance of new permits from the parking management company (UKCPM),which had previously been expected to have arrived with residents by 27th August, has been further delayed. Please do not be concerned. Existing RCY permits (and/or exemptions) remain valid until further notice.

RMG's expectation, based on current information, is that the car park signage should be finalised shortly and the letter from UKCPM containing the permit allowed for in residential leases should be going out early September. Once the new permits have been sent by UKCPM, we have been assured that there will be a reasonable period (approx one month) allowed for everyone to get the new permits into their cars and apply for any additional non-lease permits as applicable before the new "go-live" date. These dates will be advised in the letter from UKCPM. As soon as we have confirmation of the new dates, we will update our website and everyone on our mailing list.

In the meantime, the current RCY parking T&Cs still apply.

New Parking Zones

The zone map below is a copy of Berkeley Homes' plan which was approved by GBC back in January 2020. There have been some minor amendments to this plan agreed between Berkeley Homes and GBC since. We assume that we will be sent an updated detailed plan in due course. Until then, this is a good enough plan of the new parking zones, which will come fully into force once the new UKCPM permits have been issued and the "go live" date has been reached.

If you have any questions, let us or RMG (e-mail know. In the meantime, the advice is to sit tight and carry on being patient for another couple of weeks. This will all be resolved soon.



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