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New RCY Parking Permits arriving shortly...

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

We understand that new RCY parking permits for people living east of Weevil Lane and parking in Zones 1-3 (see map below) will be arriving shortly with leaseholders/owners of apartments from UKCPM.

Permits and info packs for parking Zones 1-3 are being delivered to the main postal address held on file for the leaseholder/owner by RMG. For many people this will be the apartment address at RCY but if the leaseholder has a different postal address registered with RMG for correspondence, the permit will be posted to that address.

  • Landlords: Please make sure that the parking permit and info pack are forwarded without delay to your tenant and/or letting agent.

  • Tenants: If you haven't received the permit & info pack from your landlord/letting agent in the next week-10 days (allowing for the post), we suggest you contact them asap.

The Bridge House residents: The Guinness Trust has arranged with RMG for your Zone 2/North Meadow permit & info packs to be delivered to your apartment in The Bridge House.

Wyatt Court and Cooperage Green (Apts 30-77): Hyde Housing tenants: Arrangements for parking in Zone 4 and/or Cooperage Green/Zone 5 or will be made by Hyde Housing Association in conjunction with UKCPM. Please contact HHA for more information.

The deadline for getting permits into your car, registering VRNs for e-permits in Cooperage Green/Zone 5 will be 14 January 2022. Plenty of time has been allowed for the permits to arrive and additional e-permits (if applicable) to be applied for and registered with UKCPM. Also for any questions to be answered. The long lead time is taking account of the Christmas/New Year holidays.

Please note that all old Horizon permits and any temporary exemptions currently in place for residents' vehicles to park at RCY will be void/no longer valid from 14 January 2022 date. Any vehicle without a valid UKCPM paper permit displayed in the windscreen (or valid e-permit) from this date is liable to incur a penalty charge (PCN).

The info pack which comes with the permits contains a lot of information:

  • How to apply for any additional/non-lease e-permits for Cooperage Green/Zone 5 (if applicable). If you are intending to apply for these e-permits, please action as soon as your permit pack arrives.

  • Visitor Parking areas and pack of 10 x UKCPM day scratch cards (NB:old Horizon Scratch cards have not been valid for over a year).

  • Disabled/Blue badge parking

  • Zone map

  • Parking Terms & Conditions

  • FAQs (inc oversized vehicles, motorbikes, deliveries etc)

Information and FAQs will be on all block notice boards and on the RCMRA website.

Any permit queries should be directed in the first instance to UKCPM (e-mail

Any general queries about parking at Royal Clarence Yard & Marina which are not already answered by the documentation in the permit info packs can be e-mailed to the RMG Property Manager (

In the meantime all current interim parking restrictions still apply.



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