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Sailing Clubs Spring Lift In/Launch dates and Parking

The Portsmouth Offshore Group (POG) has advised their members about new parking arrangements agreed with RMG as they reopen the two sailing clubs between Galleon Place and the Millennium Bridge.

Once their two car park areas are full, POG members have been advised that they may park in Cooperage Green where there is a strict time limit for visitors of 4 hours. They have been asked not to use the limited Visitor Parking in North Meadow.

For those having to park in remoter locations, it will be permitted for them to stop just outside the sailing club gate on the north side for a period up to 20 minutes for loading and unloading.

Spring lift/launch dates: 25th April - 2nd May; 10th -14th May

RMG has agreed to issue a limited number of parking permits to POG allowing unlimited parking in Cooperage Green during daylight hours for the Spring lift/launch periods. Overnight parking will not be permitted.

POG members have been advised that where these arrangements cannot satisfy needs, the only other option is to park across the bridge in Priddy’s Hard.



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