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Chandlers, Malthouse & Salthouse Redecoration updates

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Update 19 September 2021

The external redecoration works for The Salthouse, Chandlers and Malthouse apartment blocks (Phase C) has now started with scaffolding being erected on the Salthouse and parts of the Chandlers Apartments.

A letter from the contractors, SJS, has been letter-box dropped to residents in the Salthouse Apartments. This includes contact information of the Site Foreman, to whom any queries should be addressed in the first instance.

SJS letter to residents August 2021
Download PDF • 66KB

Update 1 September 2021

We understand from the pre-start meeting with the Property Manage (RMG), the surveyor (Trevaskis) and the contractor (SJS) that the planned sequence is to start with the Salthouse, followed by the northern section of the Chandlers (by the Granary & Arty's), then the southern section of the Chandlers, ending with the Malthouse Apartments.

Scaffolding will be used where access from a cherry picker is impractical and will be removed as soon as possible after use.

Duration: Works started 23rd August 2021 and are currently estimated to last 21 weeks (plus 2 week break over Christmas), ending 4th February 2022.

Contractors facilities: The work team (approx 6 people) will be based on Brewhouse Square (far corner) where site office, toilets etc will be set up, with hoarding/fencing surround. Parking has been arranged for the crew in Cooperage Green.

Working hours: 8am to 5pm Mon to Friday, with work on Saturdays only if indoor work requires weekend access. Noise will be kept to a minimum. Crew will wear SJS marked clothing and high vis jackets.

Access to windows from inside apartments: SJS will do a letter drop to residents with dates for each section asking for contact details in order to arrange a mutually convenient time to do work inside. Crew will only access indoor areas with agreement of the resident, through the front door ( climbing through windows) and will wear overshoes. Dust sheets (polythene impregnated) will be used near windows. Residents will be asked to remove any impediment to painting - blinds, curtains, ornaments etc.

Balconies: Balconies will be wood treated (where applicable) and will need to be cleared of personal items in advance.

Covid-19 protocols: in line with government guidelines: SJS crew will have masks with them and wear these for indoor work if requested.

Contents insurance: Residents are advised to infirm their contents insurers about scaffolding and works to their windows.

Any questions about the Phase C redecoration works can be directed to Toby Felton or Aimee Leigh-Cannon at RMG (



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