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Chandlers, Malthouse & Salthouse Redecoration

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Leaseholders in the Chandlers, Malthouse and Salthouse Apartments were advised by RMG 28 October 2020 of the intention to do the cyclical external redecoration for all three blocks. You can download a PDF of the "Notice of Intention" from this link:

Phase C - NOI 28 Oct 2020
Download PDF • 184KB

A specification was drawn up and various companies were invited to tender. A letter was sent to all Phase C leaseholders on 4 June summarising the tender results, advising leaseholders that there are insufficient funds in the Reserves to cover the full cost and an additional amount to cover the shortfall will be added to the next Service Charge demands from RMG, due for payment on 1st July 2021. A copy of the "Statement of Estimates" can be downloaded as a PDF here:

Phase C Statement of Estimates and cover
Download • 97KB

A copy of the Tender Report, which covers all the detail of what is included in the works, which companies tendered and how their estimates were assessed is available to Chandlers, Malthouse and Salthouse leaseholders from Toby Felton (Property Manager, RMG) on request. Key points:

Which buildings are included in the External Redecoration Works?

The Chandlers (Residential & Commercial); The Salthouse; The Malthouse (Residential & Commercial); Communal bin stores (Residential & Commercial); Bike Stores and the Pump House (water processor).

Financials (all figs exc VAT)

Taking the lowest estimate, the total project cost across Phase C (including some costs for Wyatt Court and Salters Mews houses, communal areas, prelims and contingencies) is estimated at £419,163 (excluding professional fees and VAT on those fees). Within this total for the Phase, the costs per block are estimated as:

  • Chandlers: £186,576

  • Malthouse £106,027

  • Salthouse £115,654

The biggest costs in each block are repairs to windows and doors (there does appear to be an issue with these in Malthouse and the Chandlers) - and the "painting and decorating".

Some of the cost will be covered by the Reserve Funds for each building. This is money which is collected each year through the Service Charge and set aside into the Reserves to help smooth over major expenditures like this when they occur. Some buildings at RCY have stronger Reserve Funds than others, while others are not in such good shape. When this happens, the landlord (via its Managing Agent) has to issue an additional demand for funds to cover the gap.

Leaseholders may request a copy of the calculations from RMG which shows how much of the estimated cost per block is to be covered by the existing Reserve Funds and how much is needed to be collected as an additional levy. If you would like to see the "Invoice per unit Phase C" spreadsheet, please e-mail the Property Manager, Toby Felton at

Scope of the Works includes:

  • Scaffolding/access;

  • Roofs - checking for loose/broken slates, repairs where necessary, gutter cleaning

  • Cleaning all the masonry & stonework. Repair/replace where necessary

  • Brickwork - check all pointing. Repair/replace including any bricks

  • Windows and Doors – check all windows and doors. Repair/replace where necessary and repaint all, both exterior and interior.

  • Rainwater Goods – check all down pipes, guttering. Repair and replace where necessary

  • Balconies – glass has to be removed before redecoration and reinstalled

Also "Preliminaries" (The cost of administering a project and providing general plant, site staff, facilities, and site-based services and other items not included elsewhere).

Consultation Deadline Leaseholders have 35 days from the date of the Notice of Estimates in which they can make "observations" regarding the works or estimates.

For more information about the formal process, consultation and leaseholder rights relating to "Section 20" Major Works, please visit the Leasehold Advisory Service website. Timeline If there are no unforeseen hitches or delays, it seems likely that the Phase C external redecoration works might start mid- August. Duration currently estimated at 21 weeks. Any questions about the redecoration works should be directed in the first instance to Toby Felton at RMG via the e-mail address.

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