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Recycling: Green Bins, Glass & Bulky Items

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Green recycling bins are provided for each residential block at RCY. The refuse and recycling bins provided for each block are rotated to the central bin store by the grounds staff if they become full during the week. This service is paid for through the Service Charge from RMG.

Gosport Borough Council empties the bins on a weekly basis. This is a service we all pay for through the local Council Tax. However, if unrecyclable items are placed in the green bins, the whole bin can be declared 'contaminated' by the Council and the site gets charged extra for it as an additional black bin. That cost comes back to us as residents through the Service Charge.

It would be a great help (and cost less) if everyone could do their utmost to make sure that the only items put in the green bins are genuinely locally recyclable. Please see information from GBC below:

Glass & bottles should not be put in either bin. They can be recycled in the glass bank at the GBC car park at the entrance to Weevil Lane.

The black refuse bins are provided for normal household waste which cannot be recycled.

Bulky items should never be left by the bins. It costs a lot for bulky waste to be disposed of from RCY and these costs are passed back to leaseholders via the Service Charge.

If you have bulky waste items which won't go in to the bin, please contact the local council (GBC). They will collect bulky household waste items for a reasonable charge and there are concessions of up to 50% available for various categories of people. Alternatively, you can take bulky items to the local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

For more information on recycling in Gosport, please visit the GBC website.


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