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RCY Pet Policy: Applying for Permission to Keep a Pet

There is no doubt that for most pet owners, their furry or fluffy friend is an important part of their family. The majority of pet owners will look after their pet well, act responsibly, ensure that it behaves well - and will do their utmost to ensure that it does not cause any nuisance to neighbours, nor damage to any of the communal areas around RCY.

However, there can be quite a wide difference of opinion even amongst responsible pet-owners about what constitutes acceptable behaviour.

Are pets permitted at RCY?

This depends on where you live at RCY and what is in the wording of your lease. The following information applies to anyone living in or owning a property where the freeholder is Berkeley Homes and the communal areas are managed by RMG.

  • If you live west of Weevil Lane, (Officers Quarters, Regents Place & Commodore Place), pets are not permitted at all under the residential lease. If you have a query about pet ownership in these properties, please contact the Managing Agents, RMG.

  • If you live in a block owned and managed by another body (e.g. a Housing Association), please contact your block owner or manager for information about the Pet Policy for your block.

Why do I need permission to keep a pet at RCY?

One of the often misunderstood facts about keeping pets in dwellings east of Weevil Lane is that our residential leases require that "express written permission" is obtained from the Landlord (Berkeley Homes) in order to keep a pet on either a temporary or permanent basis.

This requirement has only been applied spasmodically by previous RCY Managing Agents, which has added to a general confusion about what is and what is not permitted when it comes to pet ownership at RCY. Some people get written permission in advance, others do not (possibly being unaware, or having forgotten about the requirement).

RMG has developed a simple "Declaration" form to cover the main points which are applicable at RCY. This form can be downloaded from the link below.

RCY Pet Policy and Declaration Form
Download PDF • 345KB

RMG asks that all current pet owners living east of Weevil Lane complete this declaration, even if they have already obtained written permission in advance to keep a pet. This will help keep all the information on permitted pets in one place and ensure that the RCY policies which apply to pets at RCY are understood by all. That will also help RMG manage more effectively the few non-compliant pets and owners . which, unfortunately, are the source of most complaints and nuisance.

If you are uncertain as to whether this Declaration and policy applies to you and your pet, please contact RMG.

Landlords: Please ensure that this information (and the Declaration form) is passed to your tenants and letting agents.



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