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New Facebook Group for Residents - Interview

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

A new Facebook Group for residents of Royal Clarence Yard and Marina has been set up by local resident, Jo-Anne Bone and already has over 100 members. In lieu of a chat over a cup of coffee, we interviewed Jo-Anne by e-mail about the Group and her hopes for it in the future:

Q: How did the idea of starting a RCY Facebook group start?

A: The idea was on my mind for a while. When myself and my partner, Nicky, lived in a village in Sheffield on Loddon in 2008, there was a Facebook group formed in our community. It was (and still is) a huge success, which gave me the inspiration and final push to form this group.

Q: Who can join this group? Is it just for residents? Are there any rules? How do people join? How is it managed?

A: Anyone can find this group on Facebook, but acceptance will only be granted by admin/moderators. Ideally the group is for residents only...but I feel by adding anything relating to our community is an asset.

The only rules are that we keep it friendly, and informative to our little community.

People can join by asking permission from an admin/moderator. I am currently the only moderator but plan to add others as the Group grows.

Q: What sort of topics do you think people in the group find most interesting?

A: Well that’s a tricky one! as it’s only early days, but I think so far, under present circumstances, we are all interested in talking with others and observing what happening in RCY.

Q: Do you have any thoughts about how you would like to see the FB Group evolving in the future?

A: My only thought is that I want our group to expand fully, and we can do this together by keeping it alive with lots of positive communication.

Q: Do you have any specific plans for the group this year?

A: Absolutely! I need to put it out there... What would our group feel about helping to organise a post-Covid street party? I am thinking we could do this (with permission) pn the Waterfront, adjacent to the Marina. By "helping" I mean just turning up! Bring your own table/chairs if needed. It could be a picnic or perhaps takeaway food & drinks could be ordered from our lovely local bars.

Q: Would you welcome suggestions or help from other people?

A: I already have, and welcome any constructive criticism and help with open arms.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: I was born and raised in Kent, in 1985 I left my family home to join the Women’s Royal Army Corps, I left the Army and in 1998 joined the Police force in Thames valley, where I served for 17 years.

In 2015, myself and my partner Nicky had the opportunity to relocate to France with a work commitment, where we still reside now. But we love our roots by the seaside and decided to buy a property in RCY.

Q: How do you like to spend your days while you are at RCY?

A: We love being ‘home’...we get to see our family and friends.

Q: What would you like to see happen at RCY in the future?

A: Let’s keep it as it is...running smoothly with lots of communication with each other, it can only get better.

Q: Any thoughts of your own plans in the future?

A: We absolutely love our UK pad, and want to be able to enjoy it as long as we can (if the lifts stop working I may have to re visit this question!)

Many thanks to Joanne for her time in answering the questions - and for setting up and running the new Facebook Group. If you are interested in joining the Group, click this link and click the "Ask to Join" button on the FB page.



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