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Property Management Changes at RCY

The RCY Property Management company, RMG, has let us know that the current Property Manager, Toby Felton, will be leaving the company for a new job elsewhere on 13th July 2022.

RMG is putting a new structure in place for the management of the site, which will be adding to the resources they have available here. Senior Property Manager, Jessica Leggate, will now add RCY to her portfolio and will be on site in the RMG Office two days a week. Reporting to Jessica will be a new full-time Property Manager (currently being recruited) to replace Toby , an Assistant Property Manager, Vanessa Adams, who will be based at RCY 5 days a week. RCY Caretaker, Mark Beeston will also report to Jessica.

Contact details for The Property Manager and RMG remain unchanged. The best way to report any issues or ask questions is by e-mail to Other ways to contact RMG are listed on the Estate Management page of the RCMRA website.

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