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Galleon Place & Ledwell Court Redecoration - update

Galleon Place and Ledwell Court (Phase H)

Information updated 31st August by Galleon Place Committee member

The contract is project managed by Daniel Green of Trevaskis, (surveyors). The prime contractor is The Complete Property Group (CPG) , as previously notified to residents.

The contractor, CPG, has started on Galleon Place and will then move on to Ledwell Court. Working concurrently at times as necessary.

The contract commenced on 21 June 2021 for a period of 14 weeks and is due to complete 24 September 2021. An extension will be required as the project has been delayed by about 2 weeks due to the adverse weather conditions and the issues with the DOFF cleaning system (see below).

The initial work was to clean the brickwork using the Doff System – a high pressure heated water system. It has produced inconsistent results on Galleon Place and therefore has been stopped. The sub-contractors (A+) have done a test on the south side using a different process comprising kiln ash as a fine aggregate to create a more abrasive effect. The small test area has been treated with some success so they will continue to pursue that approach. Dan (Trevaskis) is not giving up on the cleaning of the brickwork.

All the Galleon zinc cladding has been washed down.

The painting has started, top down, using a dark rich grey for all the metalwork except the balcony handrails which are a lighter grey to match the zinc cladding. All the Juliet balconies on the north side of Galleon have been painted.

Pointing is due to commence to eliminate damp ingress and this will include pointing to some of the defective mortar joints to some of the coping stones as required

Several apartments (approximately 8 and mainly on the south side of Galleon) have suffered water ingress in the past and these have all been inspected internally to try and identify the ingress area. Next stage is to identify and fix the external source. Windows in the worst affected flat have been taken apart to try and identify any failings of manufacture/components and how any issues can be remedied. The numbers painted on the windows are to enable the easy identification of leaking windows from the outside of the building in order to search for areas of water ingress.

The scaffolding will have to stay erected for a while longer. Time scale not known at the moment.

The project is currently within budget.

The site was clean, tidy and safe when inspected and all health and safety aspects of the project are being managed very well.

We have found all the staff to be very considerate, helpful and respectful and a pleasant group of people. As far as we can tell the quality of workmanship is to a high standard of competency.

Project management is tight, professional and effective. Working relationships are very cooperative with strong communications.

Questions and contact details:

Lead contractor (CPG)

CPG Project Manager: Leon Barnett

CPG Project Administrator: Sarah Phillips

Office tel: 02393870220


RCY Property Manager (RMG)

Toby Felton: e-mail



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