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Funding bid for Historic Waterfront and Rum Store

Gosport Borough Council has submitted a bid to the Levelling Up Fund focused on the regeneration of the Gosport's historic waterfront. The funding would be used to create better connections and walking routes between Gosport town centre and the historic waterfront. It would also support the restoration and development of the former naval Rum Store at Royal Clarence Yard.

The Rum Store (aka "The New South Store") is a large compact rectangular red brick Grade II Listed Building originally built in 1758. It was largely rebuilt in1830/31, as part of G L Taylor's development of the yard, extended and remodelled 1897/98, damaged and reduced in height 1940, the result of bomb damage. During this period, the building. The Historic England official List entry includes the following observation about the importance of the building: "...since it was needed when the Royal Navy made a significant change from issuing a beer ration to providing grog ( a tradition continued until after WWII)..."

If GBC's bid is successful, the council will work with key partners and the local community to help develop the plans and deliver a project that will support the area.

When we have more information, we will post to the RCMRA News area of our website.

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