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Granary Planning Appeal 6 new flats: Deadline 29 Dec

Berkeley Homes has launched an appeal to the Secretary of State against Gosport Borough Council's refusal to allow the conversion of the 1st floor of the Granary from designated office/commercial space to 6 new 2 bed residential apartments.

There is a public consultation open: deadline for comments is 29th December 2022

Arguments for both sides, plus the original representations and any further comments will be considered by an appointed planning Inspector at a formal hearing in February.

Residents wishing to read the Berkeley Homes grounds for the appeal can view the documents they have submitted on the GBC Planning portal using (click here -appeal reference 22/0006/ROPP).

Notice of appeal (GBC letter 28 Nov 2022) 1st Floor Granary
Download PDF • 236KB

Do You Want to Have a Say?

Anyone wishing to submit new or amended comments or representations for the Planning Inspector to consider should do so no later than 29th December via the Planning Inspectorate Portal (click here), using the ref 3310579 and/or 3310631.

Information and guidance for anyone wishing to comment about the proposal, the grounds for refusal and the latest appeal against refusal can be found here.

More information about the original planning application - including all the objections and comments from RCY residents and other bodies can been found on the GBC Planning portal (click here - planning refs 20/00274/LBA and 20/00273/FULL.)

What are the Proposals for the 6 New Flats in the Granary?

The Planning Officer's Report which recommended refusal of the application provides a very helpful summary of the proposals. It covers the following topics:

  • The history of the building

  • The planning history from when Berkeley Homes first acquired the site and the reasons why the 1st floor of the Granary was designated as commercial space rather than residential. Also the significance placed on keeping the floor open and only subdivided by glazed panels so that the original scale and space was preserved.

  • A summary of all the various comments from the public consultation, including a large number of objections from residents, GBC's own Economic Development Department and The Gosport Society on both the original and the revised proposals.

  • The planning considerations of all the comments made.

  • Reasons for recommending refusal.

Download PDF • 716KB

The first floor of the Granary (photo taken 2020)

Current access to the 1st floor Granary from the RCY Waterfront (photo taken 2020)

If anyone would like any further information, please contact the Residents Association by e-mail :


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