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Fire Risk Assessments and Health & Safety Reports

Fire Risk Assessments and Health & Safety Reports are periodically commissioned by the RCY Property Manager as part of the routine maintenance for the site. Regular checks of the buildings are required by law. The cost of the checks is passed to leaseholders through the annual Service Charge.

Typically, the checks will list everything which has been checked and any actions which are required to remedy any defects. Issues are normally tagged by priority and colour coded.

Sample summary of Fire Risk Assessment priorities for Granary & Bakery (Feb 2021)

The Property Manager will follow-up on any specific issues raised in these reports, either with individual leaseholders (where there is a specific issue relating to a particular property), or with a more general communication covering any issues which relate to several properties.

Obviously, post the Grenfell disaster, there is a heightened focus on fire-risks and preventative measures. One such issue which has emerged from the recent reports relates to the lack of or inconsistent internal wayfinding in some buildings (lack of floor numbers, exit signs etc). RMG will be addressing this over the coming months.

Other issues which have been raised by the FRA and H&S reports include:

  • Personal belongings left in communal areas (eg hall-ways and service cupboards)

  • Door mats in the corridors

  • Flammable items stored on apartment balconies

none of which are permitted under the terms of the residential leases and have been identified in the FRA and H&S reports as presenting potential fire risks or as trip hazards.

RMG has written to all residents and leaseholders about these items, asking for them to be removed.

RMG FRA Letter March 2021
Download PDF • 149KB

If you have any questions about the contents of the letter or would like to see the FRA and /or H&S reports for your block, please contact RMG.


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