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Engine House External redecoration Sept 2020

RCY leaseholders have been sent a letter from RMG containing information on costs and proposed contractors for the forthcoming external redecoration of the Grade II Listed Engine House. (copy attached below).

Engine House Section 20 2nd Notice
Download PDF • 224KB

The Engine House building contains a commercial property, an electric sub-station and a water-pumping station, which all contribute to the relevant Reserve Fund. RMG advises that there is sufficient in the Reserves to cover the costs.

Leaseholders may make observations on the details in the letter by contacting RMG direct: or tel: 0345 002 4363. Deadline for observations is 4 September 2020.

While some of the external doors and windows were painted by the commercial tenant relatively recently, the other parts of the building have not been touched for years and the external redecoration is long overdue. It will be good to see this addressed.



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