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Residents' Handbook

A new Handbook for residents, Living at Royal Clarence, has been published by the RCY Property Managers, RMG. This contains a lot of useful information about a variety of things relating the site and buildings at RCY. Also details of various lease obligations and regulations. Some of the most important day-today issues relate to:

  • Use of communal areas

  • How to obtain permission to keep a pet

  • Parking

  • Refuse collection

  • Avoiding disturbing neighbours & dealing with noise and nuisance

  • Use of patios & balconies

  • General maintenance

  • Water meters

  • Security

  • Dealing with emergencies

And for owners of property at RCY, topics include:

  • Service charges and paying bills

  • Selling and/or letting your property

  • Buildings insurance

Contents include contact information for RMG (24hrs) and the Lift operator (for emergencies).

Copies of the Handbook have been delivered to all properties. A PDF is available to download (click here).

Any questions about the Handbook should be addressed to the Property Manager at RMG :

RMG contact details:

Dedicated tel no for RCY: 023 8021 0040

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