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Revised Plans For Six New Flats in the Granary on the Waterfront: Public Consultation

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Update 12 November 2020: Following several strong objections to a proposal to erect a new residential and commercial bin store on the Waterfront adjacent to the Granary apartments entrance, Berkeley Homes has submitted amended plans with this element removed. No further information appears to be available to the public at this time.

Comments made and the amended plans can be viewed on the GBC Planning Portal through the links below.

September 30th 2020

Revised proposals to convert the currently unoccupied 1st floor of the Grade II* Listed Granary (previously designated as office space) to six new 2-bed apartments have been submitted to Gosport Borough Council and are again out for public consultation.

Deadline for comments on the proposal and the latest changes is 22nd October 2020:

There are changes to the following elements:

  • Noise impact Assessment for the six flats

  • Parking Arrangements (inc cycle storage)

  • Refuse storage (inc a proposal for a new bin store on the Waterfront under the Granary adjacent to the current entrance to the Granary apts)

  • Updates to marketing report

  • Clarification of various design issues raised during the previous consultation

Granary proposed new bin store (with pho
Download • 44KB

All the documents and previous comments can be viewed on the GBC Planning portal using the following references:

If you are interested in commenting on these plans and would like your comments to carry weight, we recommend that you first read the guidance on what the Local Planning Authority can and cannot take into account when determining a planning application.

More information will be published here on our website as we have it. Any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail:

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