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Foxes at RCY: Advice & Deterrence

However attractive they are, the foxes at RCY are becoming a bit of a nuisance: digging in flower pots, & leaving mess (food, faeces etc) and wandering into ground floor apartments when doors are open (as they often are during this heat).

We have received reports that a few people are encouraging the foxes to visit by offering or leaving out food for them. This is generally regarded by local authority and fox experts as a bad idea - and not helpful to the foxes themselves. We respectfully ask residents not to feed the foxes. The Managing Agent, RMG, has issued the following letter to all RCY residents & businesses:

Foxes at RCY RMG msg Aug 2020
Download PDF • 300KB

Foxes are not classified as vermin but it is possible that if they regularly come into close contact with humans, they or their behaviour can increase the risk of disease and encourage other pests.

More advice on controlling/discouraging foxes can be found on the Gosport Borough Council website and from The Fox Project.



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