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Cooperage Green Car Park - Partial Closures

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

We have been advised by RCY Property Managers, RMG, of the following schedule for grounds works and parking bay closures in Cooperage Green over the coming weeks as Berkeley Homes starts to implement the layout for the new Car Park Management Scheme.

Residents are being asked to move cars from the areas to be closed so that the grounds works and line-painting can be done.

Cooperage Green Works

21st- 23rd October 2020: (Area 1) North/West corner of Cooperage Green will be closed.

26th – 27th October 2020: (Area 2) Central part of Cooperage Green, just east of the Pump House Café will be closed.

28th – 29th October 2020: (Area 3) East corner of Cooperage Green will be closed.

30th October 2020: (Area 4) West part of Cooperage Green, around the Pump House will be closed.

2nd – 3rd November 2020: (Area 5) South/East corner of Cooperage Green will be closed. 4th November 2020: (Area 6) South/West corner of Cooperage Green will be closed.

Any queries about the works and this schedule should be referred to Toby Felton at RMG (

Landlords of property East of Weevil Lane are reminded to make sure that parking information is passed this information on to tenants. Tenants are advised to contact their landlords for further information.

More information will be posted on the RCMRA website as we receive it.



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