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Carpet Cleaning (Communal Areas) at RCY

Last year, RMG purchased an industrial carpet cleaning machine for the site and arranged for two people (including Mark Beeston) to be trained to use the kit. This is expected to be less expensive over time than using a third-party contractor to dealing with routine carpet cleaning of the communal areas (hallways, entrance halls and stair carpets).

The intention is that the communal carpets will be routinely be cleaned once a year (more often, if required, in heavy use areas). The schedule had started during last summer (with The Granary & Bakery) but the autumn Covid-19 restrictions and winter lockdown caused a hiatus as the main operative has been unable to attend.

RMG informs us that Mark Beeston will be adding carpet cleaning to his routine tasks until the normal carpet cleaner can return to RCY. That means that the programme will be rather slower than previously intended. The current sequence is: The Officers Quarters; Salthouse; Malthouse; Chandlers; Galleon Place; Ledwell Court; Regents Place; and Flagstaff House before returning to The Granary & Bakery.

If there are any particular areas of concern re the communal carpets in your block, please report these to RMG so that they can be inspected and, if necessary, given additional attention.



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