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Information, Notes and Minutes from the Residents Association Meeting 28 Nov 2019

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting last Thursday: with 73 people in the audience, this was the best attendance we have had for the last few years. A brief summary follows:

Berkeley Homes update on the NM7 Construction:

The meeting kicked off with a presentation from Mike Paddock, Berkeley Homes Project Manager for the NM7/Bridge House construction at the north of the site.

Questions from the floor included requests for more information on:

  • The access road between NM7 and North Meadow

  • Lighting

  • The new owners of the building (Guinness Trust)

  • Parking for the new building

RMG Property Manager's Review:

Toby Felton (RMG Property Manager covering Stephanie Ingram's maternity leave) outlined his priorities for the next year and then took questions from the floor. These included questions on:

  • Windows, doors, building maintenance, window cleaning & buildings insurance

  • Satellite TV, Sky Q and broadband issues

  • Signage & antisocial behaviour

  • Water & Water billing

  • Trees

  • Galleon Place intercom system failures

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Flagstaff Green Pond

  • and various other issues

Download Notes from the Berkeley Homes NM7 update and Property Manager's Review as a PDF (click here)

Parking and Planning update

The Secretary gave a brief update on the latest parking proposals (there was a display at the back of the room) and took a few questions. A fuller update short with details of how to comment to GBC (deadline 13 December) will be available on this website shortly.

. RCMRA AGM and Ordinary Meeting

  • Financial, website and membership reports were presented at the AGM and the new Committee for 2020 was duly elected.

  • Various issues from the Blocks were reported at the Ordinary Meeting which followed.

Download Minutes of the AGM (pdf -click here) and the Ordinary Meeting (pdf-click here)

Any questions or difficulties downloading the notes and minutes from the website, please e-mail the Secretary at

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