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RCY Residents Social Tues 9 August 2022

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Venue: Arty's at Clarence Marina on the Waterfront: 6-7.30pm

This is an opportunity to meet neighbours from around Royal Clarence Yard . A chance to catch up, chat and share ideas.

At the last social event (5 July in Bakers Bar) one resident, Julia Phillips, commented:

"A lot of interesting things were talked about" as she took the opportunity to chat to people about ideas for future social event (see some of the ideas below).

Refreshments: Buy your own drinks (sorry, but our budget can only stretch to simple nibbles).

Who's invited? Anyone resident at RCY (both sides of Weevil Lane) and live-aboard berth-holders in the Marina. You don't need to be a member of the Residents Association to come along.

Can we order food? if you want to eat at Arty's either before or afterwards, we strongly advise booking a table with them in advance ( tel: 023 9258 4699).

Any questions? Please contact the RCMRA Secretary by e-mail:

Can't come to this one? We'll be sorry not to see you this time, but perhaps you can come to one of the next social gatherings on the RCY Waterfront:

  • Tues 4th Oct - Bakers Bar & Kitchen

  • Tues 6th Dec - Arty's Bar

Ideas for future social events for RCY residents? We'd love to hear your ideas. Here are some of the ideas which Julia gathered from her conversations at last month's social gathering:

  • A Garden Party on the land at the back of Office Quarters. There are a number of musicians in the group of residents and if a Garden Party could be organised perhaps they could be invited to participate ?

  • A Christmas Party. Ideas for venues, please.

  • Dancing to live music at The Powder Monkey on the green.

  • Visits to shows and meet ups for dinner and lunch.

  • Cream tea and music at The Pump House

  • Something in the area for the residents who like flying and sailing ( not necessarily owning their own boat or plane )?

  • join the U3A as online and walking groups

If you would like to comment on these ideas or add some of your own, please e-mail the Secretary at



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