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Parking Management Change 7 Sept: Parking Permits

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

RMG has advised us that from 7 September 2020 UKCPM will be taking over the parking management at RCY east of Weevil Lane from Horizon. The RCY parking zones will remain as currently configured for the time being (see information re the future of RCY car parks below).

Leaseholders entitled to parking permits at RCY will shortly receive a letter from UKCPM to introduce themselves.

Parking permits

For most residents, no action is required. Horizon permits showing an expiry date of 31 May 2020 (which had already been extended to 31 August 2020) will be recognised by UKCPM as valid for parking in the designated zones, as now, until further notice. No charge will be made for this further extension of validity and no action is required from you.

If you moved into RCY after 31st May and have paid Horizon for parking through to the end of August but were not issued with a physical permit, you will need a new physical permit from UKCPM which will be valid from 7th September. This will be issued to you at £5. Please contact UKCPM on 03454635050 or . Please do not delay in contacting.

If you are a motorcycle user you need not take any action. Please keep parking in the correctly allocated bays.

After 7th September cars which are not showing a physical permit for the relevant zone(s) may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

Landlords: please make sure that all parking information is passed promptly to your tenants.

Tenants: please don't wait until the deadline - contact your landlord for information which they should pass to you promptly.

What's happening with changes to the car parks?

Following the completion of The Bridge House and handover of the building to its new owners, Berkeley Homes had hoped to be in a position to implement the new RCY Car Parking Management Plan (which was approved by Gosport Borough Council in January 2020). Unfortunately, a variety of factors have caused a delay to the plan to start the necessary works. However, it is expected that work will be commence in the coming months.

Once the timeline for works has been agreed, this will be communicated to everyone. To ensure that the works proceed in an orderly fashion, people with cars parked at RCY will be given as much notice as possible of any temporary closures of sections of car parks and temporary parking arrangements. The transition may take several weeks to complete but RMG intends to will use its best endeavours to keep residents fully informed along the way.

The new company, UKCPM, will work with both RMG and Berkeley Homes to manage the car parks as they are currently configured and the eventual transition to the new Car Park Management Plan.

Questions and queries

Parking questions should be referred to UKCPM once they have issued their welcome letter. Any questions before the letter arrives from them can be referred to RMG (attn Toby Felton): e-mail; 023 8021 0040 (24 hr); WhatsApp: 07966167590; RMGLivingChat (24 Hours):

More information:

Visit the Parking Management page on this website for more information and parking Zone map.



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