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Help for RCY neighbours having to self-isolate

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The Residents Association committee is offering help to neighbours who are having to self-isolate during the current Covid19 crisis.

While many will have already made their own arrangements, there may be some who find themselves stuck or in a pickle and need some help if they are to follow advice not to leave their home.

We have also been contacted by residents who are very willing to help neighbours in this situation.

If you are self-isolating and need help

Please feel free to get in touch with the Residents Association (e-mail or tel: 07823488400) if you are stuck and either need immediate help or (thinking ahead) might need help over the coming weeks. Please provide your name & address (tel number optional) and a brief outline of what you need. We will help if we can.

If you are well and willing to help

If you are well and willing to help self-isolating neighbours, please get in touch with us ( Please provide your name, address and contact details, together with an indication of the sort of help you are prepared to offer.

Personal safety, security and data protection

RCMRA volunteers will carry ID and follow our guidelines to keep you and themselves safe.

RCMRA will collect your personal data (name, address and preferred contact details) only for the purposes of providing support during this difficult period. This may include sending you updates and information. We will not pass your details to third parties without your permission (other than to volunteers who have offered to help or to the person who has requested help), nor will your details be made publicly available. You may, at any time, chance your preferences and/or instruct RCMRA to remove your personal details from our databases.

Any questions, please just get in touch:


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