Residents Meeting 4 Feb 2021: Presentation and Notes

Thanks to everyone who attended the virtual meeting on 4th February 2021 hosted by RCMRA online (via Zoom) for all residents and owners of residential property at RCY. 

51 people registered in advance for the meeting.  Just over 30 people attended.   Apologies to the few who had technical difficulties and were unable to join.  We will look into the issues there and try to avoid that happening next time.

The main speaker was the RMG Property Manager, Toby Felton, who gave a slide presentation. Toby's presentation and more detailed notes can be downloaded from the links below.

The meeting was chaired by the RCMRA Deputy Chair (Steve West). The Property Manager's session was followed by a short Q&A/discussion with the Residents Associations Committee and Block Reps.

A survey is collecting feedback from registrants (whether they attended or not) and a link to view the recording of the meeting has been sent to all registrants who did not attend.  A copy of this recording can be made available to other residents on request (please e-mail the Secretary at with your name and first line of the postal address at RCY).