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Residents Social - Wednesday 20th March 2024

Next Residents Social will take place at Atry's - starting at 6.00pm on Wednesday 20th March 2024

The Residents Association is working to develop a more 'social' approach and to enhance the community spirit across Royal Clarence Marina, so that we can share the enjoyment of living in the stunning, historic location.

There will be a small informal quiz with a prize - obviously with an Easter theme!

The quiz is optional, the event will be more of an opportunity to meet new neighbours and catch up with old friends. There will also be nibbles on offer, so please drop in when you can - it's free!

If you are able and want to contribute to the Gosport Food Bank, it would be great if you could bring an Easter Egg for us to donate. Donate an Egg and you will be entered into a raffle with a chance to win a small prize.

The event is open to all but if your not a member why not join us? It's only £10 a year, you will receive a monthly newsletter and get full access to the website and the WhatsApp group.


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