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New Physio and Coaching Practice at RCY

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

An experienced physiotherapist, Charlotte Mills, has just started her new practice, SELF, based in the Danu Wellness Studio in Unit 8, Cooperage Green. Contact details below.

Charlotte specialises in the following:

  • physiotherapy treatment for pain and injury management;

  • rehabilitation advice and exercise

  • values based coaching for personal and professional development.

We caught up with Charlotte this week to talk to her about the new practice and her plans.

Q: This is very exciting news! What brings you and your practice to RCY?

A: I’ve lived at Clarence Marina for nearly 10 years with my husband Steve. We love this area and the easy access we have to the sea, Portsmouth and the New Forest.

Having worked for the military, fire and police service and NHS as a Chartered Physiotherapist, healthcare leader and coach I wanted to offer an evidence informed approach to health and well-being, locally. SELF was created when Lynn, the owner of Danu Wellness Studio, offered me a room to run my therapy practice from.

Q:. Please tell us a little about SELF and what clients can expect from you and your practice.


My clinical interests include; pain and injury management using a blended approach of hands on treatment and exercise based rehabilitation. I want to create an environment where clients feel listened to and understood. Together we agree a customised approach unique to you, whether you want to be able to move a little bit better, sit without pain or run marathons.

Values based coaching

We live in a time of great choice, opportunity and uncertainty. Never before have we had access to the sheer volume of information and advice (often conflicting) with too much to do and not enough time to do it. This can be challenging and confusing. Coaching creates a space to reflect and think on what we truly want and need and how we can achieve that.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your training/expertise and your background?

A: I’ve been a Chartered Physiotherapist for over 25 years specialising in musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation. I have recently become interested in the role of hormone health and how that affects our bodies and recovery rate.

I have been a clinical educator for many years and in 2015 I was nominated by my students, for the Physiotherapy Practice Educator Award in clinical excellence, at the University of Hertfordshire.

One of the reasons I have added Coaching to my practice is to further help clients achieve not only their health goals but also their personal and professional ones.

Q: Any thoughts about plans for the future?

A: I will continue to work for the military and as a clinical educator. I plan to keep SELF as a small, local and patient-centred business.

Address and Contact details:

address: Danu Wellness Studio

Unit 8, Cooperage Green

Weevil Lane

Gosport, PO12 1FY

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